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Let Your Content Determine Your Website’s Design Elements

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By Mark Zeni When creating a new website, the first thing most people do is search for a beautiful theme on sites like Theme Forest of Template Monster. This makes sense; websites should look good. However, there are reasons to avoid choosing a theme based on looks alone. When […]


Launching of – Graphic Design Making Tool

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By Mark Zeni If you’ve ever tried to find help to make the perfect custom graphics for your site, social media page, or web store, you know that finding the right graphic designer is a challenge. Sometimes the top talent is far too expensive or two complex and artsy […]


5 Sites with Great Landing Pages

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By Mark Zeni Landing pages can make or break a website’s success. It’s true, trust me and I’ll tell you why. The first thing you see when you visit a website is its landing page. Now tell me, what website would you rather visit? One that has horrible colors, […]

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