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web push notification metrics to optimize

5 Web Push Notification Metrics to Optimize

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It’s one of the simplest customer retention tools in recent times. And ANYONE can use it – it’s that easy to setup and use. I’m talking about web push notifications. (RELATED: Website Push Notifications: A New Way to Follow Up with Website Visitors (Without Getting Their Contact Information)) Once you have your web push notification […]

google analytics campaign tracking

The Complete Guide to Google Analytics Campaign Tracking

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Can you imagine being able to track the ROI of traffic from… Email Social Media Paid Ads … and more? When you have the ability to track your ROI on every launch, every funnel, every email, and ad campaign — you can cut the fat and double down on what’s working.  This transforms your business […]

build YouTube ads campaigns

The YouTube Ads Grid | Build YouTube Ads Campaigns that Convert

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Want to hit a home run on your next YouTube ads campaign? Then you’ll need to combine the right targeting options with a great ad that’s tailor-made for each specific audience. And in this post, you’re going to discover how to do just that. You’ll learn how to build YouTube ads campaigns that effectively target […]

customer acquisition cost

The 5-Step Customer Acquisition Cost Formula

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How much is a customer worth to your business? And how much can you afford to pay to acquire a new customer? These are simple questions, but important ones. In this post, I’m going to share a simple five-step process you can follow to figure out EXACTLY how much you can afford to spend to […]

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