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5 tips to adjust your content marketing strategy for 2018

5 tips to adjust your content marketing strategy for 2018

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There has been an increased focus on content marketing as part of a digital strategy over the last few years. 2018 will be the year that more brands will realize the potential of branded content and how this can lead to a successful marketing strategy. As content becomes a greater priority, there are also growing […]


3 Definitions Every Content Marketer Should Know

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Editor’s note: You may have missed this article when CMI published it last year. We’re sharing it now because too many people are still confused about the terms. Are you looking for a job – or looking to hire someone – in a field associated with “content marketing” or “content strategy” or “content marketing strategy”? […]


17+ Guest Blogging Rules All Blog Managers Wish You Knew

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Miss Manners hasn’t written the handbook on how to be a good guest blogger. Yet, anyone who manages an organization’s blog likely has run into guest bloggers (or wannabe guest bloggers) who focus too much on the “blog” part and not enough on the “guest” part. Writers focus too much on the “blog” part and […]

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