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Podcast Equipment

How to Create a Podcast Studio on a Shoestring Budget

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Want to record your own podcast? Then you’re going to need some podcast equipment. Now, when people start podcasting, many of them fall into one of two camps: Some people take waaay too much time deciding what podcast equipment to buy And others buy their gear on a whim without doing enough research beforehand The […]

web push notification metrics to optimize

5 Web Push Notification Metrics to Optimize

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It’s one of the simplest customer retention tools in recent times. And ANYONE can use it – it’s that easy to setup and use. I’m talking about web push notifications. (RELATED: Website Push Notifications: A New Way to Follow Up with Website Visitors (Without Getting Their Contact Information)) Once you have your web push notification […]

community customer value journey

Community Customer Value Journey | Leverage a Community

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There’s a HUGE misconception when it comes to leveraging online communities… …but we’ll talk about that in just a second. If you’re looking to leverage community in your business (which you should be), it’s VITAL to understand where your community fits, or will fit, in your overall marketing strategy. As the Lead Community Strategist at […]

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