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Q+A with TGI Fridays' Sherif Mityas

Q+A with TGI Fridays’ Sherif Mityas

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When you think of artificial intelligence, what are the first names to come to mind? We’re guessing you answered that question in your head with Microsoft, Google or Amazon, and not TGI Fridays. Still, over the last year and a half, AI has become a big enough part of the brand’s overall strategy that Chief […]

How Netflix personalizes title images

How Netflix personalizes title images

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The visual cortex takes up 30% of the human brain, so people naturally process images 60,000 times faster than text. As a result, we’re all guilty of judging books by their covers, which is a crucial element of Netflix’s engagement strategy. Netflix has a seemingly unlimited supply of content, which can be a double-edged sword. […]


Implications On Marketing, Analytics, And You

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A rare post today. It looks a little further out into the future than I normally tend to. It attempts to simplify a topic that has more than it’s share of coolness, confusion and complexity. While the phrase Artificial Intelligence has been around since the first human wondered if she could go further if she […]

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